Daily Afternoon Chaos (40 Pictures)

1 2 Welp, I’m in love. 3 Is that seat available? NO, my penis is sitting there 4 5 My school just graduated a service dog along with his master…that outfit! 6 7 Saw this license plate today. 8 Good Morning America! 9 10 The 4 rules 11 12 Here’s a Halloween makeup look I […]

Here’s a Paw-sitive Message to Help You Through Your Week!

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I Think My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Stomach

Stalking Lessons in the Grass

Epic Rat Tricks That Are Sure to Impress

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Just Hanging Out

Just Hanging Out

There’s Rhythm in That Rattle

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Don’t Let a Six-Year-Old Write Cards Unsupervised

Right Before Your Eyes